Terms and Conditions


Before making a reservation, you must read the reservation conditions and the cancellation policy of Tsoli’s Camping because from the moment you make the reservation, it is automatically considered that you unconditionally agree with all of the above.


The Travel Service is provided by Kwnstantinos Tsolis, a private company, established in accordance with the laws of Greece, with offices on Labiri Axaias, 25100 Labiri, Greece. Our VAT number is EL022498668.

The booking form is a booking request and there is no commitment on your part or on the part of Tsoli’s Camping.

After the confirmation of the availability of places by Tsoli’s Camping the payment should follow and only then the dates you have chosen are reserved. Immediately after payment you receive an email with the details of the reservation. It would be good to check if it agrees with what you have chosen to be sure that no mistake has been made. In case of a mistake, send us an e-mail at [email protected] or call us to sort it out.

Your reservation is only valid after payment.

For campsites, unreserved campers are served upon arrival by reception, subject to daily availability.

Your accommodation will be available after 15:00, so that if another arrival has preceded it, it will be cleaned, disinfected thoroughly and the space must be naturally ventilated, as provided by EODY. In case it is available from the previous day you can settle in earlier. For this reason, consultation with the reservations department is essential.

Delivery of the seat or accommodation and closing of your account must be done by 11:00 at the latest. Otherwise, there will be the corresponding financial burden. If you want, you can leave your luggage at Reception and leave later!

Find out about Tsoli’s Camping’s general operating regulations. The company reserves the right to interrupt your stay in case of violation of the terms of the regulation.

Extending your stay is not always possible. Tsoli’s Camping cannot guarantee that customers will stay in the same place or even in another, despite the effort that will be made.


In case of cancellation of the reservation more than 21 days before the scheduled arrival, there is no financial charge and it entails the immediate return of the deposit from the company to the customer.

For cancellation less than 21 days up to 5 days before arrival, the customer is charged 50% of the total stay based on his reservation (the entire amount of the advance payment). Possible advance costs are borne by the customer.

For cancellation less than 5 days before arrival, the customer is charged 100% of his stay based on his reservation. In case a deposit has been given, it is not refunded.

If the customer, after arriving at the campsite, wishes to limit the duration of his stay, he will be charged 100% of the total cost of the nights he cancels.

In the event that the customer wishes to extend his stay during his stay at Tsoli’s Camping, the company cannot guarantee him the extension of his stay, except depending on availability.